High-visibility vest pilot program

The Stay OK program is all about staying OK, especially on the road!

Our Stay OK on the road program helps address the social, physical and cogitative factors which put children at risk on the road. With the assistance of an ACT Health Promotion Grant, we are currently piloting the inclusion of a high-visibility vest being provided to students who complete the program.

The high-visibility vest pilot program:

  • Promotes an active lifestyle to improve children’s health and wellbeing.
  • Providing students with practical strategies to ensure safe behaviour on roads
  • Increases visibility and safety of students when travelling on or near roads.
  • Raises awareness of 40km/h school zones to parents and other road users
  • Directly links with the ACT curriculum.

The pilot is working in partnership with the ACT Governments Ride or Walk to School initiative. The four North-side Canberra schools piloting the program during term two of 2014 include:

  • Mount Rogers Primary
  • Macquarie Primary
  • Southern Cross Early Childhood Centre
  • Macgregor Primary.

 If the pilot program is successful it is anticipated that it will become a permanent component of the ‘Stay OK on the road’ program and be available to all school across Canberra. 

Information for teachers

The high-visibility vest pilot program is being trialled with four north side schools during Term Two of 2014. The program will be thoroughly evaluated by gaining feedback from schools and recording the impact the high-visibility vests have had on children riding and walking to school and road safety.

Constable Kenny’s Teacher fact sheet provides information on how the pilot program will run in Term Two.

If you would like to express your interest in Constable Kenny’s high- visibility vests please email constable-kenny@afp.gov.au

Information for parents and guardians

The high-visibility vests are one tool to assist in your child’s safety when travelling to and from school. Your support is integral to reinforce road safety messaging and ensuring your child wears their vest.

Constable Kenny’s fact sheet for Parent and Guardians with children undertaking the pilot provides more information on this exciting pilot program.